Functional Clinical Analysis

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As a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP) I am able to assess the body to find areas of stress that can disrupt the bodies ability to absorb nutrients. When the bodies absorption is compromised it can affect the bodies physiology, resulting in: 


  • muscle inhibition

  • cramps

  • degeneration

  • allergies

  • autoimmune responses

  • hormone imbalance

  • blood sugar dysfunction

  • energy reduction

  • insomnia

  • and the list goes on.....

With my Functional Clinical Analysis I focus on the six foundations that are uniquely based on a foundational holistic approach, backed by science, which honors bio-individuality and the body's natural capacity to heal:​

  1. Nutrition

  2. Blood Sugar Regulation

  3. Mineral Balance

  4. Digestion

  5. Essential Fatty Acids

  6. Hydration

Nutrition:​ This is not a one size fits all topic. Every person is unique and therefor has very unique nutritional needs.


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