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Amber P.

I came to see Dustie because I have had this intense pain on my shoulders and neck for years. I do hair for a living so it is so important to me that my shoulders and arms are functional! After a couple visits with Dustie my pain is gone! I could not believe that it was that easy or even possible! I am so grateful to Dustie for giving me a pain-free functional body back!

Lindsay S.

I don't even know where to start with Dustie. She's incredible. Can I say she's a miracle worker?... cause she's a miracle worker. Iv'e had a CRAZY low back pain for at least 8-yrs. Rolling out of bed was a painful task and getting up after laying on the floor was excruciating so I just kept preparing myself for this to be my reality.I was told that if it continued I might need surgery so I just dealt with it because who wants surgery?! Fast forward to meeting Dustie. I was curious about what she did, but wasn't about to hold my breath in case it didn't work for me. Well guess what?! It WORKED! I've been to her twice and in two sessions my pain is almost completely gone. What is left I wouldn't even call pain. It's nothing short of amazing and I  





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